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PART Records was founded in 1993 by Andy Widder and is within the company Rockin' Rollin' Products a firm main pillar next to mail order, wholesale, online store and music publishing. Meanwhile 65 CD's, 32 LP's and 19 singles have been released. Annually between 5-8 "New Releases" are released on Part Records.

What we do

As Label Part Records we have released over 250 records and work with many different bands and artists.
Under Part Records Publishing we also work extensively with composers and lyricists. It is important to us that music is appreciated and protected.
We are committed to increasing the number of records sold again, which is why we have created the Vinylmania Community.

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Los Santos

From The House of part

Western Spaghetti

Aus dem Haus Part


Aus dem Haus Part

Ronnie Nightingale & the Haydocks

Aus dem Haus Part

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