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We're a small Label from Germany and distribute Music from 40ies to 60ies, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Blues, Swing and much more!

Jackie Lee Cochran

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Finally Arrived: Roots'n'Fruits LP

Fresh from the Pressing Plant

The pre-ordered copies have been shipped, including the signed copies. 
Once again, we would like to thank everyone who supported our crowdfunding project and made this production possible. Together we made this record production possible!

Those who have not yet secured a record via the crowdfunding project still have the opportunity to order in the store - but only while stocks last! 

Nina & the Hot Spots

Monkey Business

From Swing and Rockabilly up to Jump Blues and Jazz, the band confidently pulls out all the stops to explore every aspect of these Rock'n'Roll genres

Tri-Gantics Vinyl

Roots'n'Fruits campaign ended successfully! Thanks to you, the debut album of the Tri-Gantics is now available on vinyl. Check out the store! (Only while stocks last)

The Foggy Mountain Rockers are back - with Rock'n'Roll Philosophy! Thanks to you the campaign was successful and we can deliver the first records soon.

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What we do

As Label Part Records we have released over 350 records and work with many different bands and artists.
Under Part Records Publishing we also work extensively with composers and lyricists. It is important to us that music is appreciated and protected.
We would like to see more vinyl records on the market again. Therefore we want to created a new community here on our platform:
With your help we want to produce more records!


Under the name Vinylmania we are pressing vinyl discs. We regularly create new campaigns that can be supported by our community and so we produce vinyl together. 
Click here for our current projects:

New from the House Part

B-Shakers - Shaker Attack

Although they have dedicated themselves to the "old" music: To compare The B-Shakers with an old, dusty radio would probably not be appropriate. On the contrary: their sound comes across like a powerful snorting, sparking steam locomotive. Unstoppable, the iron horse makes its way through the endless expanses and brings honest and infectious rockabilly sound.

You can feel this live feel-good feeling and it makes you shake. The raw, unpolished sound together with the exceptional voice of Mary The Cat fit like a glove. 

P-51 Airplanes - 23 Flying Hits

Eight years after their debut album "Personal Addictions" on Part Records, P-51 is back with their new album "23 Flying Hits" to please dancers and their fans again! 23 swingin’, jivin’n’ groovin’ danceable hits created for all the enthusiasts and fans that have been following the band over years.
Energetic, danceable music that will get the blood in your feet pumpin’!

Honky Tonk Pounders - Dead End Road

For their silver wedding anniversary in 2021, the German Honky Tonk Pounders release their fourth album. With a lot of heart and soul, passion and the still lasting joy of honest, handmade music. 


The fine line between "we reinvent ourselves, but stay true to ourselves" succeeds amazingly well after a quarter of a century. Lots of gritty rock and roll, driving rockabilly, no frills and no compromises!


Nina & The Hot Spots -  Monkey Business

The first longplayer by „Nina & the Hot Spots“ impressively documents which stylistic playground the German quintett feels most comfortable on: From Swing and Rockabilly up to Jump Blues and Jazz, the band confidently pulls out all the stops to explore every aspect of these Rock'n'Roll genres.

The album contains 13 songs, twelve of them self-penned. The punchy and organic sound was recorded live together in one room, mixed by themselves and refinely mastered at venerable Abbey Road Studios London.

Listening recommendation: Play loud!

Tin Cans - Back For More

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Tin Cans in 2016 their seventh album “HONEST & CRAFTED” of the german trio arrives. As always, recorded with a lot of passion and fun – this is honest, handmade music! With 14 self-penned songs the guys stay true in their very own blend of neo-rockabilly, up-tempo country, blues and even a Ska-Tune.

Guest musicians on two songs is Joerg with his pedal steel this.